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Ceramiche Artistiche Edelweiss

Since 1970, year in which Francesco Morlin founded Ceramiche Artistiche Edelweiss, the family Morlin combines the handcraft art of ceramic with the creation of modern objects, respecting the tradition of the past and the needs of the customers, always with a touch of originality inspired from nature. Products are completely handmade and hand-painted and come from the desire to offer an high quality handicraft ceramics production, looking for refined and modern lines, to personalize all the different homes and to meet all the tastes, from traditional to modern. Edelweiss uses only the best mixture and varnishes available, without toxic substances like lead. Edelweiss believes that the best investment for a good commercial future is in the pursuit of quality, symbol of the “made in Italy” and in the preciousness of the handmade objects, going back to the old-fashioned ceramic-making.