Customization: Get in-touch to personalize or customize anything. Add a name to a pet bowl, request a pattern, personalize special occasion gifts, wedding favors, all hand-painted and made to order from Italy. Shipping can take around 12 weeks from placement of order, subject to change based on U.S. Customs processing times. Email us or send a message on Facebook or Instagram to inquire. 

Bulk Orders/Wholesale: Email us for info. for larger orders for restaurants or commercial events, wedding favors, wineries, retail markets 

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  • All ceramics are handmade and hand painted by family artisans in Nove, Italy. 
  • Some collections are exclusive to Lo Bello Imports, LLC and are not reproduced or sold elsewhere anywhere in the world. 

Made in Italy Hand Painted Ceramics 
Each ceramic product is individually handmade and hand painted so the sizes, shapes and colors vary. Variations occur in each piece and painting because each item is done by hand by individual artists. No two items are exactly alike. Imperfections can occur. 

Use and Care of Ceramic Products
All ceramic products are 100% food safe in compliance with FDA standards and U.S.A. import regulations for lead and cadium. Ceramics are microwave, dishwasher and oven safe unless otherwise specified in the individual item description. Crackling in the glaze after use can also occur in all ceramics and does not harm the use of the item.